We receive many letters, some brief notes, from former clients and families,
and have shared some excerpts of them with you here.


Larry and Marcie,
It takes a special kind of person to work with an alcoholic and addict. Each of you shares a gift of compassion for people such as me. Thank y’all for letting me be a part of the Herring Houses and this recovery program. God has sent each of you to be a part of my life and to help me be the man that I’m becoming. He is truly working miracles in my life. Thank y’all for all your patience and understanding for an old drunk like me.
Rodney M.


I really don’t know what to say. You have saved my life in so many different ways. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. You took me in when nobody else wanted me. These past 6 months have been something I’ll never forget.
Justin R.


I can never repay you for giving me my son back. I thank God every day that we found you. When I try and think of how I love you I am at a loss for words. Thank you my dear friends.
Pat P.


You mean so much to me. My father has been an alcoholic for so many years. You have been like a father to me. Thank you for all that you have done. Words cannot describe the thanks I owe you.
Jeremy P.


I thank God every day for people like you all in this world that were able to help somebody like me! You and your staff have really helped change my life.
Wilford “JoJo” W.


You have been a terrific role model for me with my journey to sobriety.
Kim B.


You are the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.
Kelvin M.


It is a true blessing that you all came in to my life for me and my family.
Marty Z.


Thank you for being here when I came to this place, confused, beat up, and a big hole in my heart and soul. You are today a huge part of my life and I thank God for you daily.
Wade P.


You may not see the results of what you do but I definitely can see changes in our son and I know you are making a difference in him. We cannot thank you enough for caring about Sean and for extending him grace, mercy and firmness.
Rex and Diane


We just want to thank you so much for all you do for us. We thank God for what you do for us. We greatly, whole-heartedly are thankful and excited about all the food and pears!
With love,
Faith, Shelley, Christie and Misty


The following letter is from a young man who was a banker, treated at a private, for-profit treatment center on his company’s insurance for alcohol dependency then sent to us for residential rehabilitation (1/2-way housing). He had no legal issues. In his fourth week with us he chose to drink again. He overdosed on alcohol by drinking a large amount of Nyquil, which he bought one afternoon at Dollar General. By the time he returned to our property, he suffered from acute alcohol toxicity and was admitted to Southeast Alabama Medical Center.


At discharge two days later and in cooperation with his family, we conducted an intervention and the client was re-admitted to inpatient treatment in another state. The letter speaks for itself:


“Dear Dr. Kirkland and Staff, I hope all is well at The Herring Houses. I wanted to write you for two reasons. First, to apologize for my behavior during my stay there in August and September of 2009. Second, to thank you for showing strict disciplinary action in kicking me out for that behavior. That was exactly the kick in the butt I needed to help me realize the gravity of my sickness. Even though I was not able to see it at the time, I will always be grateful to you for that. I broke your rules and lied to your face about it.

I thought I was above your suggestions and I eventually drank again. I was not able to see that I was putting the other residents as well as your program at risk with my behavior. You extended me a helping hand when I came to you in need and I shortly thereafter turned my back on you, your rules and the AA program. I am also grateful to the staff for getting me the quick medical attention I needed my last night there.


I wanted to let you know that September 7th, 2009, the day I was kicked out, was also the day of my last drink. I hope that somehow I can make up for my behavior and repay you for the kindness you showed me. If there is ever any way I can be of service to you or the Herring Houses, please do not hesitate to ask.”

(name withheld to protect anonymity)
October 5, 2010