Larry R. Kirkland, Jr., MD, MPH
Recovery Program Director


J Marcella Johnson, MS, LPC
Clinical Director
Primary Therapist


Mandy Owen, RN, BSN
Nurse Delegation Program Staff Nurse
Ala Nursing Assoc/Ala Dept of Mental Health


Ashley Drake Mertz, MDiv, MFT
Primary Therapist


Somiya “Sam” Murtadi, BS
Primary Therapist


Micah K. Johnson
Mary Hedge
Kevin Dunne
Peer Support Specialists


Our staff is available 24 hours a day to provide oversight, structure and guidance to our residents. We are actively working a 12-step program of recovery, are ordained ministers, or professional counselors and provide a positive example through their attitudes and behaviors for those men seeking change in their lives


We have the responsibility to create an atmosphere where our clients can be successful, which means that we have a tremendous opportunity to do just that.  We have to educate our clients to the consequences of good and bad behavior and try to create an atmosphere that’s going to enhance their chances of being successful.

Larry R. Kirkland, Jr., MD, Founder

Advisory/Consulting Board

For our residents who are not involved with an aftercare program from their primary rehabs, our advisory board composed of licensed mental health professionals can provide or refer off-site group and individual therapy, medication management and neuropsychiatric evaluation, therapy and treatment. They also offer several weekly 12 step recovery/process groups.


For additional information or for an appointment,
please call:
PHONE: (334) 699-3175 FAX: (334) 699-313