Admission Fee $80.00

Weekly Rent $100.00

All prospective residents are encouraged to complete a primary treatment program for alcohol or drug dependency, as well as a residential questionnaire form and interview with a staff member prior to becoming a resident.

We provide all the extras:
• All Utilities (water and  
• Washer/Dryer (no charge
  for use)
• Telephone/Answering  
  Machine (local access free)
• Color TV (Cable Included)
• Dishwasher    
• Kitchen Ware, Dishes, etc
• Towels and Linens

We do not provide your personal items such as:
• Food
• Clothing
• Long Distance Calls
• Toiletries, Personal Items
• Laundry detergents, soaps,   etc.

Items to Bring:

  • Food
  • All Clients are responsible for providing their own food. We provide space for:
    • Refrigerator/freezer (Milk, juice, sandwich meat, ground beef, sliced cheese, etc
    • Dry goods—Bread, cereal, noodles, canned goods and drinks, dry snacks, etc

We recommend food for 1 – 2 weeks at a time to provide space for other clients.


  • Personal Items-- Please limit to 2 bags or suitcases

  • Clothes: Our atmosphere is casual so bring casual clothes.  Clients may want to dress for church or similar events.  Also all clients will need to bring work clothes: jeans, work shirts, and work boots (non-steel toe). Clients will need to bring clothes hangers.  We provide dirty clothes hampers.

  • Hygiene Products:
    Clients will bring any type of personal hygiene products they would normally use at home as long as it doesn’t contain alcohol.  (Soap, toothpaste, mouthwash (without alcohol), shampoo, razors (manual or electric), hairspray or hair gel, aftershave, lotion, cologne, etc.  Also clients will need to provide their own toilet paper, paper towels and laundry detergent (washing powders). 
    We do not allow Clorox bleach or other chlorine-containing bleach products.  “Clorox 2” is


  • Misc: Clients may bring stamps, envelopes, notebooks, pens, pencils, books, alarm clocks, pictures of family and mp3 players, etc.

  • Money: Clients will need money for miscellaneous items (cigarettes, sodas). We discourage clients from keeping much money on them ($10 or $20).  We have an escrow account in our office where family member can send money and clients can keep their money for safe keeping.

Driver license or State issued ID/ Social Security Card



Requirements for intake & waiting list

Please Read This Entire Section

We must have your approximate release date or the actual date you need a bed. As an Alabama Department of Mental Health requirement, you must have your adult psychosocial assessment sent to us before being placed on our waiting list. All referrals must be discussed with our Clinical Director, Marcie Johnson, MS, LPC, who coordinates all admissions into our program.

You must have at least 72 hours of verifiable clean time to enter our program if you are coming from a detox facility, be approved by staff and have a history of prior treatment experience.


We prefer that all clients come “door to door” from a primary, in-patient treatment facility (between 2-3 weeks at one of the private, insurance based inpatient treatment facilities, OR 28-days at one of the Department of Mental Health facilities, for example).


For all other referrals to our waiting list, such as clients who are currently incarcerated or who are referred to our program directly by their family, from a treating physician, a primary counselor, District Attorney’s Office, Drug Court, CRO, probation office or private attorney:  These must be discussed with the Clinical Director, who manages the waiting list and oversees all admissions to our program.


A minimum of $80.00 is due upon intake.  This is our admission fee which covers the set-up of your client record, all random urine drug screens and breathalyzers for alcohol for the duration of your stay and reports to the courts.


Rent (which includes the portion of the fees that the client pays for treatment) is $100.00 per week and begins on the first Sunday following admission.  Please make plans to begin paying rent your first full week here.  Most clients receive help from their family until they get a job.


It is VERY IMPORTANT if you decide to be on our waiting list that you keep in contact with us.  The clients who get a bed here are the ones who keep calling and stay in contact with us regularly (calling at least once per week) while they are on the waiting list.  This is especially true if there is any time between release from treatment and moving into our facility.  We STRONGLY encourage you to come into our programs directly from your treatment center.


If we do not hear from you regularly, you will be dropped from our waiting list and we will assume you found admission to another program.

Often, our beds are full and we have a one to two (1 – 2) month waiting list.  The only way to improve your chances of obtaining a bed here is to call at least once a week to check on your waiting list status and tell us you still need a rehab bed.


Bed space is given on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The prospective resident (or family member, significant other, treatment center therapist, etc) is responsible for securing a place on our waiting list.  But YOU are responsible for having your family, your support person, etc, to contact us directly if another party is helping you.  You should take responsibility for seeing that you have a space reserved here with us.  It’s your bed!  It’s your treatment!

We provide free pickup service from Greyhound Bus Lines in Dothan.  The number for Greyhound Bus Lines is 800-231-2222 and their local Dothan number is 334-792-1191.  In Dothan they are located at 2190 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL 36301 (inside the Flying J Truck Stop on the Southside of Dothan).


You are required to bring with you a valid, state or federal government photo ID.  This may be a “non-driver” photo ID, or it can be a non-expired regular driver’s license.  You must have an acceptable government issued photo ID.  A Department of Corrections ID is not acceptable.


You are required to supply your personal food, personal clothes, personal bathroom items and personal laundry detergent.  We supply all other items such as linens, pillows, spread, comforter, towels, cleaning supplies, trash bags, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, microwave, plates, glasses, etc.


Your rent includes electric and water service, as well as garbage pickup service, expanded basic cable service and local phone service.  You will not be billed separately for these.  You may make long distant calls with a calling card, or you may come to our office where we have free nation-wide long distance.


For internet access, we provide limited access to all clients in our office which is monitored by staff.  While your privacy is our concern, we also recognize access to online gambling and internet pornography as an ongoing and growing problem.  These are not a part of the spiritual experience needed to bring about recovery.


Items not allowed
  • We do not allow: Personal TV’s, DVD players, game consoles, laptop computers, iPod Touch, iPads, vulgar/obscene material.
  • No cell phones. Period. Do not get caught here with one.
  • Clothes: Clothes that are ripped or torn. (These may be worn only at work.) No tank tops, “wife-beater” tee-shirts, or sleeveless shirts. No offensive, drug/alcohol related clothes. We do not allow sagging pants (pants must fit around the waist line). If your underwear is seen around here, you will not be seen around here very long.
  • No weapons of any kind: No air soft or BB guns; no fixed blade knives (pocket knives are permitted for work at the discretion of staff); no mace or pepper spray, etc....